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  Elevate can advise on where and how to leverage available funds for the greatest impact. Often new clients come to us when their marketing effectiveness is in decline or when they need to achieve better results without any increase, (and in some cases with a decrease) in budget. Other clients simply want to understand how their marketing is performing in comparison to the industry and their competitors. Are they getting value? How could they do better?

Our strategic advice can lead to new initiatives and a fresh way of thinking about the brand, the brand promise and all aspects of the communication mix. We generally start working with a client on a specific project which gives us the understanding of how their business ticks and what the key drivers are in the market. Then we are better equipped to offer salient advice. Here are some examples:

  Despite spending a sizeable budget, the advertising that a retailer of expensive European furniture was placing lacked quality cues and conveyed a cheap discount image. In this instance ‘Getting the message right’ meant upgrading the look and feel of the advertising, evolving the logo to be cleaner and more stylish, and developing a tone of voice for the brand. The result was a brand with credibility appealing to a more sophisticated audience, one that could actually afford the product.  
  A B2B client was mistaken in believing the trade magazine campaigns they had been running for safety products was reaching their target audience. A cursory survey revealed the lack of effectiveness of this medium and we are now engaged in building a customer and prospect database using direct mail and online media.  
  A product rental company asked us to bring down the cost of customer acquisition. They had been running televison commercials at vast expense on the advice of a (name withheld) major advertising agency. Our first outing for this client, a campaign which used outdoor media and printed inserts, brought the cost of customer acquisition down by a massive 700%!  
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